Flying Tiger CSR workshop 2020 – Shanghai

The 2020 Flying Tiger CSR seminar was held in Shanghai on October 27. AS the top 20 quality suppliers, we are very honored to attend this seminar.

The seminar focused on the two themes of production compliance and quality inspection. Through this training ,the participants have a better understanding of buyer’s requirements, which has provided great help in serving customers. Throughout the seminar, buyer emphasized humanitarianism and environmental protection. We have more than ten years service experience to European and American customers. We are well aware of the importance of environmental protection. We strictly abide by environmental protection requirements, increase the constraints on factories, and ensure that every product we export meets customer requirements.

The meeting ended in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Thank you for the delicious lunch and afternoon tea. Through this meeting, the participants strengthened their understanding of customers, which is of great help in improving the ability of salespersons and meeting customer needs. Let us create the future together!


Post time: Jan-11-2021