Market District 4


Officially put into operation on 21st October, 2008 Yiwu International Trade Mart District 4 occupies 1,080,000 ㎡ building area and holds above 16,000 booths. It is the sixth generation of Yiwu markets in its development history. The first floor of International Trade Mart District 4 deals in socks; the second floor deals in daily necessities, gloves, hats & caps, knitted and cotton goods; the third floor deals in shoes, webbings, lace, caddice, towels etc., and the fourth floor deals in bra, underwear, belts, and scarves. International Trade Mart District 4 integrates logistics, E-commerce, international trade, finance services, catering services into a whole. International Trade Mart District 4 borrows the ideas from designs of present international large scale business centers, and it is a mixture of many high-tech systems including central air conditioning system, large electrical information screen, broadband network system, LCD television system, solar energy generation system, rainfall recycling system, automatic skylight roof as well as flat escalators etc. International Trade Mart District 4 is a wholesale market which is the highest 

in technology and internationalization presently in China. Moreover, some special business and entertainment facilities like 4D cinema, tourism and shopping centers also located in this district of the market.

Market Maps With Product Distribution


Floor Industry
F1 Socks
F2 Daily Consumable
F3 Towel
Wool Yarn
Sewing Thread & Tape
F4 Scarf
Bra & Underwear