A Poetic Journey–A Journey to Qiandao Lake

On October 17th, the colleagues from the first business department are ready to go to the beautiful Qiandao Lake, and the happy hour is about to begin!


The weather on that day was very refreshing, and the scenery along the way was also beautiful. The emerald green vegetation and various buildings in the distance formed a natural picture with the blue sky, which made people feel better.

In the laughter along the way, after more than 2 hours’ drive, everyone finally arrived at the villa that had already been booked. The villa is located on the banks of the beautiful Qiandao Lake. Open the window and you can get a sweeping view of the outside scenery, take a breath of fresh air, and wash your soul. There are swings, slides, DIY mud and other entertainment facilities outside, and children are also having fun


The first afternoon of the itinerary is the famous Tianyu Observation Deck. The Tianyu Observation Deck is located on Tianyu Mountain. The mountain is not high. The altitude is between 235 and 310 meters. It is the best viewing platform for Qiandao Lake. After successfully climbing to the top, standing on the viewing platform on the top of Tianyu Mountain, it has the momentum of “being at the top of the mountain and overlooking the mountains”. The viewing platform is high on the top of the mountain, with a wide view and a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape, the endless stream of Qiandao Lake Bridge, the most beautiful sunset of Qiandao Lake, and this unique lake and mountain scenery.


The second stop-Hongye Bay.
Hongye Bay belongs to the Pingfeng Scenic Area in the central lake area of Qiandao Lake Scenic Area. It is located between Xiaojinshan Peninsula and Jinxian Islands, commonly known as Xiaojinshan. The level in the bay is like a mirror, the lake is clear and blue, and the reflections of the mountains and forests are clear and bright; the islands are vertical and horizontal, and the terrain is rich, with peaks, valleys, and slopes, and is called a water maze


Unknowingly, the time came to the evening, and the sky was drizzling. Everyone drove back to the villa, and the cheerful nightlife began!
Everyone gathered around the sofa to watch the game, entertainment and food, which looked very good on this rainy night.
Recently, a movie “My Hometown and Me” is being screened nationwide. Among them, the Fuwen Township Primary School with stained glass houses impresses the people of the whole country. This is our destination the next day.


The rainbow house in the mountains hides childhood fairy tale dreams. 26 colors are intertwined. The glass house in front of you has become the residence of fairies. The transparent glass is painted with dreamy colors. The house under the blue sky is bright and gorgeous. Blow away the white clouds, leaving behind the green woods to accompany them.
The white border outlines the huts and the stacked houses are more artistic. The bird stands on the fence, and the climbing roses quietly climbed up the railings. Flowers surround the elementary school. The corners of the village are beautiful. Become a small garden.
Looking at the figure on the ground, it stretched and then shortened, recalling the time when I was a teenager, it turned out to be so carefree, and the tune of “Little Boy” sounded in my ears, which was very suitable for the scene.

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In the rubber track, the lawn gradually took on the color of autumn, and a little osmanthus blossomed on the trees. When the wind blew, the scent overflowed to the apex of the heart. The autumn color of the garden was full, and the wall could not be closed. On the campus wall, there was a The hand-painted paintings depict the natural beauty and hide the children’s innocence of adults.


Pieces of colorful acrylic panels can also create an ideal school in your heart. Who says dreams can only be dreams. When dreams are reflected in reality, they discover that the world can be so beautiful.


Hands on the doors and windows, the temperature of light is left in the glass, and the shadows on the glass windows also have a bright brilliance, the corners of the mouth are raised, and the world is more wonderful.


The happy trip to Qiandao Lake has come to an end. This trip not only strengthened the relationship between the members of the department, but also allowed everyone to welcome the next work with a better mood. Let us continue to work hard and continue a happy journey next year

Post time: Dec-23-2020